Participation on Trial was a creative critique of participation in the arts taking the form of a live participatory performance : a (Dadesque) mock trial. It brought together artists, arts organisations, curators, producers, funders and participants to take part in a playful, yet serious, analysis of ‘participation’. Videoed, streamed and ‘recorded’ by the court artists and participants through art-making and Twitter debates, the day ended with a participatory Choir of Complaint. Lead artist/creative curator: Chrissie Tiller.  Creative team: artists from Participatory Arts Lab (formerly MA Participatory Arts, Goldsmiths).

For further detail please visit Participation on Trial on the Participatory Arts Lab website.

Speeches: For the Defence

Speeches: For the Prosecution:

A Later Reflection:

And Participation on Trial: the Movie



Osaka University Arts Festival: Memory, Democracy and Identity

This Artist in Residence project was the culmination of three years’ participatory arts and community workshops in partnership with Osaka University. After two years spent creating our core team of participants and practitioners and developing and sharing our skills, we felt ready to take on a community project as part of this year’s arts festival.

The themes of this year’s Festival were: Memory, Democracy and Identity.  We decided to focus on our own responses to these three themes:

  • capturing and re-creating some of the memories of the lives of those who had lived in and known the buildings and their surrounding communal space
  • consulting the local community about creative ways in which the space might be used before re-building began
  • configuring a farewell ceremony that would capture and honour the very special identity of the houses, their ghosts and the dreams that live on in them.




Process and Product
Our final day of activities, from team building to sharing the stories, from community consultation to farewell procession is captured, here, in a film made by Portugese artist João Garcia.