Recent Publications/Reports


Belgrade publication  Power Up cover praxis_vol.1_570_428

Collaborative and Socially Engaged Practice

Care as a Radical Act Think-piece in response to my role as COVID-19 Writer-in-Residence at Heart of Glass.

Power Up.  Think-piece for Creative People and Places, Arts Council England  – unearthing and unpicking some of the complexities and challenges of sharing power within collaborative arts practice.  And follow up piece. Sharing Power from Participation to Collaboration. 

The Northern Faculty of Social Art Practice  Trans-disciplinary and dialogic learning model for socially engaged artists.

Participatory Arts and Community Development: Taking Part. Ch. 8. Community Research for Community Development. Edited Marjorie Mayo, Zoraida Mendiwelso-Bendek, Carol Packham.

Participatory Arts Alphabet. For Calouste Gulbenkian Sharing the Stage.

CREATE NEWS The Spectrum of Participation. Essay on the Spectrum of Participation created by Chrissie Tiller. 17 October 2014

Review of International Participatory Arts Practice. For Artworks Alliance.

Sharing Power.  Reflections on Power Up one year later

Policy and Practice: Quality. For Sharing the Stage, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Policy and Practice: Working with and Influencing the Mainstream. For Sharing the Stage, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Preparing the Reflective Practitioner: Theatre Practice as Reflective Process. Ch. 9. Hybrid Lives of Teaching Artists in Dance and Theatre Arts: A Critical Reader ed. Mary Elizabeth Anderson & Doug Risner

Academy of Participation: Timecase. C.Tiller, L. Ebert, T. O’Brien. pps 14-16

Praxis Volume 1Eds. Chrissie Tiller & Patrick Fox.  

Praxis Volume 2. The Town as Art Centre. Eds. Chrissie Tiller, Patrick Fox, Heather Peak Morison & Emma Fry

The Agency Ground-breaking Programme for young people. BAC. Contact Manchester.

Whoarewe? Reflections on Counterpoints Arts programme. Tate Exchange

Becoming the Change We Wish to See.  pp 36-39.  ‘Reminder’ ELIA Conference Gothenburg.

Arts in Education

Drama in Education and Immersive Theatre: the Nature of Participation pps 121-125 Scena Theatre Magazine. 3/2015  Find English version at:

Developing Agency through Drama. English version. pps 17-22  The Role of Culture in School:Drama in Education

Different but Equal. Informal Learning in the Arts

Artists in Creative Education. C.Tiller and S. Clifford for EU.

Oval House Future Stages Case Study: working with ‘In Role’ Drama

Selection of Arts Professional Blogs  artspro_1

Can a Toolkit Solve the Art Sector’s Class problems?  A conversation between Julie Lomax of a-n and Chrissie Tiller in response to Jerwood Arts toolkit for cultural organisations.

The Power of Putting Theory into Practice. The Importance of critical reflection in socially engaged arts practice.

Women in Waiting? Why is the board and founding team at the new Creative Industries Federation 85% male?

The Thatcher Hangover. Thatcher’s legacy for business models in the arts.

A bid for new audiences? Cheap ticketing schemes alone will never be the answer to bringing in more diverse audiences.

Does opera need famous faces or different places? Bringing opera into everyday spaces may broaden its audience.

A slice of the cake. Reflection on two occasions recently when I held stakes and took part (in the arts).

Creativity Ltd.  Response to Culture Capital Exchange’s Creativity and Business: Connectivity, Values and Interventions conference.

More than bread and circuses. Arguing for the value of an ‘austerity Olympics’

Posh, posher, poshest. Reflections on the new wave of ‘poshness’ in the arts.

Goals and Glory: lessons from the manager’s bench? Thoughts on the lessons the arts could learn from football.

The price of everything and the value of nothing? Questioning the social impact of the arts.

I’m all right Nick Speaking out on cuts to education and learning departments.

The grit in the oyster. Is calling ourselves (creative) industries is useful in the 21st century?

 Other   wordle-31

A Matter of Ambition: Re-visiting class in 21st century Britain.

Lost and Found In Translation: Working in intercultural contexts.

New Deal or No New Deal: Revisiting Roosevelt’s policies for the arts in the context of a UK recession